Beer Can Chicken

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Beer can chicken is a ceramic product that is perfect when you want to cook an entire chicken in a smooth and tasteful way. The name orignates from the traditional way to cook an entire chicken on an opened beer can for the chicken to get flavorized from the beer. The problem with this is that the beer can easily tip over on the grill. Thanks to this ceramic tool which has a large base, the tube is stable during cooking. Pour in your own drinks and flavors in the pipe, and the result is a juicy and tasty meat.

Beer can chicken is easy to use and the chicken will be juicy and tasty.
- Add the desired beverage, such as juice or beer, and dry or fresh spices to the tube.
- Then thread the spiced or marinated chicken onto the tube.
- Place the whole chicken and the chicken tube on the grill, or in the oven, and close the lid. Using a grill tray reduces the risk of spillage into the grill.
- Grill at 150° for 1.5-2 hours. The chicken is ready at an internal temperature of 82°C.

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