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SUMO Hibachi

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Get in on the latest trend and discover the type of barbecue that has been a favourite of the Japanese for centuries. This is a handmade Hibachi grill, a Japanese type of table grill made of diatomite clay, perfect for Japanese table grilling at home on the patio or for restaurants to use on the outdoor patio. Simply slice up small pieces of various ingredients, gather around the grill, and cook delicious food with nice accompaniments over an open fire/charcoal. A Hibachi-grill stores and radiates heat, resulting in juicy and tender meat.

The grill is rectangular so that a lot of skewers can fit side by side and the width is adapted so that only the meat will be over the charcoal and the wooden sticks will not burn up. The adjustable ventilation located on the front of the grill allows you to control the heat and adjust the cooking temperature.

- Hibachi: 39 x 23 x 16 cm
- Grill grid: 41 x 24 cm
- Hot grill surface: 33 x 17 cm
- BBQ Tweezers, 30cm included
- Practical stand for moving the grill when it is hot

A Hibachi-barbecue is actually meant to be used indoors with Japanese Binchotan charcoal. Therefore, be careful not to leave the grill outside, especially in the rain, as the material is not made to withstand this!

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