Grill thermometer – Instant Read

499 kr

Super fast instant read thermometer with a large illuminated digital display that shows the temperature with a decimal precision. The tip is thinner, which reduces the drainage of liquid. Built-In beer can opener will ease your barbecue evening.

  • Illuminated Display
  • Calibratable
  • Saves min/MAX temperature
  • Waterproof to IP67 and durable thermometer
  • Rotating display for both left and right handed

The inner temperature is most often the most important thing to succeed in grilling meat, fish and chicken. The right internal temperature is crucial to get the desired cooking degree and the perfect result. Also, remember to let what you have on the grill rest at least ten minutes after grilling to preserve the succulence before serving. Put it back on the grill just before serving and serve on hot plates like the pros.

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