Our biggest model – perfect for the real grill master

Kamado Sumo Maxi 25″

14.995 kr

Our biggest model – perfect for the real grill master who is not content with anything but the best. Designed to handle everything from the usual family barbecue to larger barbecues with 10 people or more.

- Side table and handles in teak

- Leg stand including heavy duty castors in stainless steel
- Flexible multi-level grill grate
- 2 crescent-shaped heat reflectors
- 5 integrated hooks for grill tools
- Thermometer placed on top of the lid
- Cast iron top air valve
- Stainless steel bottom valve with spark shield
- Ash rake

Technical description:
- Weight: 108 kg
- Height: 123 cm
- Width: 137 cm with side table, 64 cm without side table
- Grill surface: 56 cm

Don't forget to add our specially priced accessory pack when you order a Sumo. See more info below!

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The 56cm multi-level flexible grill grate is included as standard and gives you maximum flexibility when cooking with Kamado Sumo , offering more versatility than a standard grate. The system consists of two crescent-shaped deflector plates, two crescent-shaped grill grates and a multi-level frame. These components can be assembled and customised to your requirements to give your cooking the maximum flexibility and ease of use. Multi-level cooking allows different cooking methods with different heating zones in one kamado.

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