Kamado SUMO JR 15″

4.495 kr

JR är det senaste tillskottet i Kamado SUMO familjen. En liten kamado, men ändå med alla de egenskaper som de större modellerna har.


  • Handtag i bambu
  • Benstativ
  • Grillgaller i rostfritt stål, SS304
  • Termometer placerad på ovansidan
  • Toppventil i gjutjärn
  • Bottenventil i rostfritt stål med skyddsskärm mot gnistor
  • Vikt 44 kg
  • Höjd 72 cm
  • Bredd 41 cm
  • Grillyta 35 cm
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  1. Chris

    So if you’re anything like me, you’ve stared at this kamado and thought – well what the heck is the difference between this and something like a Kamado Joe or Big Green Egg of similar sizes? Why is this so much cheaper? Well, you’re in luck! I’ve just finished another Brisket cook and I can tell you.

    First off – I bought this for low and slow brisket for small groups. Many reviews and people talking about these Sumo grills seem to ignore that these ovens are one of the best ways to smoke/low & slow brisket. Much better than a cheap offset from Webhallen! With that in mind, I’ve done a few burgers and sausages too, so I’ve tried it with all sorts.

    First Impressions:
    This box is big, even though the grill is small. It’s heavy too. You’ll need 2 people to carry it when it arrives. Opening it is straight forward and getting everything out is easy. Putting it together is straightforward too, and if you’ve ever used one of the more premium grills I mentioned before, you instantly see where the money was saved. First off the screws/hardware are cheap. Lots of points won’t hold tension when you put it together. They work and do their job, but don’t instil confidence if you plan to move this around. The top vent is also a bit “loose”, but I’ll focus more on that later.15 minutes and everything is together. Easy!

    THERE IS NO HEAT DEFLECTOR SUPPLIED WITH THIS UNIT. YOU HAVE TO BUY IT SEPARATELY. The team at Kamado Sumo were good enough to hook me up after I pointed out their website had some errors on this point. Once I got the deflector though, everything was good.

    Overall the briskets have turned out wonderful! So that’s the first thing I want to mention. However, there are some flaws in the design that mean this isn’t the best bang for buck if you want to turn out brisket after brisket.

    First the intake vent. It has a gap where the stopper sits when you close it. This means you can never, truly, close the intake vent. Earlier, I also mentioned the top vent was a bit “loose”. This becomes a problem when combined with the bottom vent. It is almost impossible to cool this oven!!!!! Given the fact the top vent isn’t very tight (it literally flops open when you lift the lid) and there’s a small 2mm opening on the intake vent – even when closed – means that even the slightest opening on the vent can bring the temp up 20 or 30 degrees in minutes. If this happens, you’re on a constant chase to try and bring it down, to no avail. Even when you get it around 100-110, you will see sharp spikes when even slightly opening the intake. Hopefully the sumo guys can look at fixing this in the future!

    Once you get your head around that, the rest of the oven really can’t be argued with. It retains heat insanely well and really does help create some super succulent results.

    GRILLING – Its so easy to make dishes on this thing. I mean, what’s not to love!

    PIZZA – I don’t want to eat pizza any other way now.

    OVERALL – honestly I am a little disappointed with some of the rough edges, particularly if you’re a low & slow perfectionist. But little things aside, once you get your mind into using it, this thing is great. It could be argued that kamados of this size aren’t best suited for these sorts of cooks, but I can say that the Sumo JR does a stellar job on a 2.5-3kg brisket, so i’ll be using this for a long time to come.

    If you are only doing low and slow, I would probably recommend one of the larger Sumos, or go for the Joe JR if size is important. I am impressed overall with the Suno value for money, and can see the vents on the bigger models are better just from looking

    But saying that, if the Sumo team can fix these vent issues, they could be on to a serious little rival to some of the more established brands!

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